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  1. Memorable tour!

    EF planned a packed schedule. Our guide was with us from arrival to departure. I really appreciated her. She was quite knowledgeable. The local guides were amazing! The meals in Paris were delicious! The free time allowed was just right. My son and I will always appreciate this experience.
    HappyMomTraveler / Adult traveler
    Rockville, Maryland / Posted on April 01, 2018
  2. One for the books

    At first I was a little scared to take this trip, knowing I'm basically going across the world. As we got closer I was anxious to go. The first couple of days in London were the best. We got to see many sights, visit a museum, do a little shopping an learn about the city. Walking from place to place, taking the city bus an even the underground train was a cool experience. Our few days in Paris were great. Lots and lots of sights to see, visiting Versailles was so much fun. Although we didn't get to cover the whole place the time we spent there I enjoyed. Another fun museum was the Louve. I enjoyed everything so much I didn't want to leave. Our tour guide, a really great guy. Showed us throughout both London an Paris, showed us the way an educated us on a little bit of everything. Last day seeing him was hard for us. We got attached an he was like family to us. I sure will miss this trip an will go back to Europe later in life.
    MET99 / Student traveler
    San Antonio, TX / Posted on June 20, 2017
  3. Wow.

    Words cannot express how much this trip meant to me. As a kid growing up in the middle of nowhere, it's not every day you hear about opportunities like this, and to be apart of it is almost unheard of. This trip provided me with amazing memories of beautiful places with outstanding people, and I would take the trip again in a heartbeat. The worst part about the trip was when I realized we had to go home.
    Therm / Student traveler
    Williamston, North Carolina / Posted on June 07, 2017
  4. On Top of the World

    My time on tour was the most amazing experience that ever happened to me. I have never felt more at home in a place I had never been. I went on the trip with classmates that I had known for years but we left so much closer than we had come. I have never smiled so big, laughed so hard, or cried so many tears of joy. This trip is still one my favorite memories and I will cherish it forever.
    WhiteViolet / Student traveler
    Atlanta, Ga / Posted on November 03, 2016
  5. Trip Across the English Channel

    I appreciated the trip. It definitely had value, I do believe Day 1 on this trip in London could have been planned better.

    The food... nothing to write home about, very small portions for walking all day and it seemed like the restaurants mainly cater to EF Tour groups... Dishes were dirty, portions were small and had no flavor. Maybe it should be considered that groups have the option to order what they choose, so there is variety.
    HopeFloats / Group leader
    Detroit, MI / Posted on April 09, 2018
  6. memorable

    This was a memorable experience for everyone. The weather wasn't great but it was tolerable. It should be noted that european countries don't use washcloths. You should bring your own. Also, if breakfast is included in your hotel stay, that should include the hot items as well.
    delightful / Adult traveler
    Silver Spring, Md / Posted on April 05, 2018
  7. Be Prepared

    If you go with the right attitude, the tour is great. They pack a lot into each day and while you see many of the major sights, you don't have much time to experience them.
    Each day is planned from early morning into the night. Free time is limited.
    The guides were very good and informative. Things were well organized. It was a luxury to have someone else buy the museum passes, metro tickets and to bypass some of the longer lines because we were a group.
    The food was....OK. I just had to realize it is geared towards high school students. It did feel like we were on a conveyor belt in some of the restaurants though.
    All that said, I think our group loved the trip! They won't remember being sleep deprived or having tired feet but they will remember seeing the changing of the guard and going to the top of the Eiffel Tower! The kids were the best part of the trip for me!
    shoregirl / Adult traveler
    Houston, TX / Posted on April 02, 2018
  8. Awesome Trip

    This trip has been very good and I liked the Eiffel Tower.
    screeeeeeeeee / Student traveler
    Rockville Maryland / Posted on April 02, 2018
  9. would not recommend

    This was the first EF tour with my middle school daughter. I would rate it as fair. In my opinion, the hotels were too far from the cities visited and required too much travel either by bus or metro. I would have preferred less bus sight-seeing of many sites which pass in a blur. Our driver gave us less than 5 minutes seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time. The food was mediocre at best. I would have expected better quality food for the money paid. I would say half the meals were really not good. Some restaurants were nothing more than fast-food. Our hotel had no air conditioning, which would have been a deal-breaker if I knew that going in. Having 1 tour director responsible for 30+ people seemed to be too much for one person. A third of our group was detained by French metro police after jumping the turnstiles at the direction of the tour director. EF paid 420 euros to release them and their passports. On the positive, the weather was great and the sites were amazing. Those were the two things EF could not control.
    jetlagged1 / Adult traveler
    Tampa, FL / Posted on June 26, 2017
  10. Incredible Experience!

    Overall, it was such an incredible experience. Although, I did wish we had a little more time to explore on our own; I definitely loved every part of it. From exploring the culture to hanging out with your closest friends and meeting new people.
    dezs / Student traveler
    Reseda, California / Posted on June 19, 2017

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