• A step into the distant past

    This tour begins with 3 days in Rome and 1 in Pompei. I would encourage anyone to include the optionals in order to get a broader view of Italy. EF flew us to Athens instead of going by overnight ferry, & we appreciated their care.The city of Athens is not as well cared for as other European cities; however, the archaeological sites overshadow the graffiti. By all means, enjoy the cruise at the end. We visited 6 islands & took the tours on each. If you want to step back in time, this is the tour for you!
    pirk / Adult traveler
    Birmingham, Alabama / Posted on July 06, 2016
  • Trip of a lifetime

    My trip to Europe was amazing! I went on this trip as an adult helper and had a great time. The trip was very well organized from the time of sign up to the very end. We saw so many amazing places along with some spectacular Greek Islands. Love the fact that we had the opportunity to meet so many different people from all over the world. We did lots of walking on the tour so everyone should be aware that the tour is not for someone who doesn't like to walk. Overall I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to visit Europe to check out this tour destination. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
    Speedy41 / Adult traveler
    Bremerton, Washington / Posted on July 05, 2016
  • Amazing experience

    The tour was just exceptional. We were pleased with everything. There was a lot of help in planning the trip, the trip itself was phenomenal with visits to so many historic and sacred places in Rome, and then Greece. The islands were so much fun to explore and experience. The EF tour guide in Rome was especially knowledgeable, and was able to answer challenging questions posed by our chaperones.

    There were bumps along the road, namely, Delta's sudden cancellation of the return flight. However, with EF Tours' help and the skilled intervention of our trusty chaperones, the students were well taken care of during the delay.

    We really appreciated the time and thought of everyone involved in making this trip happen. It is important for young people to experience other parts of the world, and unfortunately, lost baggage (which happened to another student on the trip), a cancelled flight (which affected the whole group), and even having minor items stolen (which affected our son), can be part of the process. Learning to guard against gypsies and pickpockets is a good and valuable experience for young people who often take for granted the freedom and security of our own country.

    I would definitely recommend EF tours to others.
    Jennifer1 / Parent
    Annapolis, MD / Posted on July 05, 2016
  • Eyes Wide Open

    On my return to the states I realize how little we know about other cultures and how folks live. We only know what we see on the news and read about in books. During the tour we were able to sample food, talk to people, see iconic art, and visit places I have only seen in books. We walked the same streets that were in the bible. I returned a different person, I see my place in this world differently now and I cannot wait to travel to the old world again!
    lbatts4309 / Adult traveler
    Salisbury MD / Posted on July 01, 2016
  • Best experience ever!!

    I had a blast! Our tour Director was amazing! Everything was beautiful and I want to go back! Loved it
    Bmac12 / Student traveler
    Lawrence, Kansas / Posted on June 30, 2016
  • Disappointing

    This trip did not go as well as my last one. My tour group was delayed a day due to the airlines. While on tour, which included the 4 Day cruise and island excursions for my group, one of my students did not have have a ticket to go on the excursion. I had to pay for his first excursion (which had already been paid for). This was sorted out by the end of the cruise, but added to the stress of other issues we had on this tour. We did not have enough time in Santorini, Greece.

    I would still recommend EF Tours, and will travel with them in the future.
    mimiletsgo / Group leader
    Greenville, Ohio / Posted on June 30, 2016
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    Hotels were perfect. Carolina is the best tour guide one could ask for. Very knowledge, personable and professional. Would recommend allowing for meal options, other than limiting to buffets. For example, allow for meals on our own to provide for variety and experience in local cuisine.
    Dennis / Adult traveler
    Fruitland, MD / Posted on June 30, 2016
  • Wonderful experience!

    The Italy-Greece trip was wonderful! My daughter saw so many sights that she's studied in school. She was thrilled to be able to see them up close and personal! Her favorite part was climbing Mt Vesuvius. She enjoyed Pompeii but wished that they could have gone in another/different museum there. She paid extra for the "Greek Dinner Evening" (similar to a Hawaiian Luau) and would highly recommend that add on. It was a great first time experience traveling abroad.
    AmyJ / Parent
    Ashburn, Virginia / Posted on June 29, 2016
  • Excellent Tour

    The 2016 EF tour to Athens and Rome was a truly exceptional travel experience. All EF personnel were very professional and absolutely competent to perform all requirements of such an endeavor.
    Hubba / Adult traveler
    Dallas, TX / Posted on June 28, 2016
  • Whirlwind experience

    Loved the groups we were connected to since our group was small! The tours/excursions were very fast-paced and lots of information. Usually had really good tour guides of the area. Would've liked a like bit more time at some of the places and not been so rushed. Great food everywhere we went! Loved our tour leader, Linda G.!!
    PTAM / Adult traveler
    Gardendale, TX / Posted on June 23, 2016